Roger is the author of several original plays and adaptations. His latest play, PSYCHOPOMP, will have it’s world premiere at Canal Cafe Theatre in London in October, 2017 under the direction of Russel Lucas.

“Salt Lake City. A son wrestles with his father in order to establish his identity in a country that was once promising, but which they both fear is now slipping through their fingers. The trace of glitter on the son’s face, a glimmer of light from inside a closet, these might might worry a father, but who’s to say that’s not where the hope is to be found?”

THE MORMON BIRD PLAY                                                                                                  “Playwright-director Roger Benington has written a smart, rich script, with gripping characters and a fascinating use of fantasy elements…. A thoughtful piece of work, with lines that fly like poetry but stay beautifully grounded in the events of the play.” TIME OUT NEW YORK